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Our Featured Book on Social Media
Going Up!
Sherry J Lee
Hardcover | Apr 2020
in store $19.99
Jennifer Houle
Paperback | Apr 2019
in store $17.95
My Name Is Tani . . . and I Believe in Miracles
Tanitoluwa Adewumi
Hardcover | Apr 2020
in store $33.50
Dream Catchers- Fox Inspired
Genius Craft Boxes Toys
Feb 2020
in store $29.99
Blood in the Water
Silver Donald Cameron
Paperback | Aug 2020
in store $24.95
Kings of Friday Night
A J B Johnston
Paperback | Mar 2020
in store $19.95
Sleeping Bags to S'mores
Heather Balogh Rochfort
Vinyl Paperback | Apr 2020
in store $28.99
The Rise of Wolf 8
Rick McIntyre
Hardcover | Oct 2019
in store $34.95
Dark August
Katie Tallo
Paperback | Jun 2020
in store $21.00
Hiking Trails of New Brunswick, 4th edition
Marianne Eiselt
Paperback | Aug 2018
in store $27.95
The Lost Sister
Andrea Gunraj
Paperback | Sep 2019
in store $24.95
Queen of the Stacks 2-in-1 Puzzle Set
Game | Jun 2019
in store $27.99
Until We Are Free
Rodney Diverlus
Paperback | Feb 2020
in store $27.95
Innocent Heroes
Sigmund Brouwer
Paperback | May 2020
in store $12.99
Modern Watercolor Botanicals
Sarah Simon
Hardcover | Nov 2019
in store $41.99
Lost in Newfoundland
Michael Winsor
Hardcover | Jun 2020
sold out $29.95
(on order)
Fresh Veggie BBQ
Charlotte Bailey
Hardcover | Mar 2020
in store $29.95
Megabat and Fancy Cat
Anna Humphrey
Paperback | Apr 2020
in store $10.99
Lean Out
Tara Henley
Paperback | Mar 2020
in store $22.00
The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Puppy
Victoria Stilwell
Paperback | Oct 2019
in store $19.99

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